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Fido – 7

December 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Director – Andrew Currie

Cast – Carrie-Anne Moss, Bill Connolly, Dylan Baker, K’sun Ray, Sonja Bennett, Jennifer Clement, Henry Czerny, Alexia Fast, Tim Blake Nelson

Release Year – 2007

Reviewed by John of the Dead

After hearing some pretty positive buzz about this film around the horror community, I finally was able to get this on DVD for pretty cheap and give it a watch.  I am really glad this film got a DVD release.  Way too many times nowadays we’ve been witness to some positive horror films sit on shelves for a long while before getting any love from distributors, while crappy horror flicks get nationwide theater releases.  This is all the more reason for us to support films like this one.

Fido takes place in a time where zombies have become household pets/maids/mistresses.  How did this happen?  After the Great Zombie War, a company named Zomcon developed a special collar that can be placed around a zombie, removing it’s carnivorous nature and allowing you to command it to do whatever you like.  When the Robinson family finally gives into societal norms and purchases their first zombie, social outcast Timmy Robinson finally has a friend who cares about him, and names the zombie “Fido”.  One day a freak accident disables Fido’s collar and he kills Timmy’s nasty old neighbor Mrs. Henderson.  Timmy tries to cover him and Fido’s tracks, but he should know better than that.  Mrs. Henderson soon resurrects as a zombie, and causes a catastrophic chain of events that rock this perfect suburban town.

This film turned out to be an enjoyable horror/comedy that is sure to please all the die hard zombie fans out there.  It is obvious that writer Robert Chomiak and co-writer/director Andrew Currie are big zombie fans, and it shows with their creativity.  The “Great Zombie War” mentioned in this film is just plain awesome, and the scenes of the elementary school teaching the kids how to shoot zombies was just plain cool.  Can you sense these shout outs to true zombie fans?  The story for this film is a cool one especially because it comes off as a “boy and his dog” type film, but with a zombie!  Basically, take any kind of family film and replace the dog that saves the day with a zombie.  Awesome!  We also get a pretty fair amount of gore thrown in as well.  Numerous headshots adorn the third act, although I would have really liked to see just a bit more gore in this film.  This being a zombie shout out and all, I expected to see some nasty scenes of someone’s guts being ripped out, which we did get, but it was quick and not that gory.  Oh well, this is a low budget film so we can’t expect them to do what George A. Romero did with his low budgets.

The direction in this film is positive, and shows that Mr. Currie seems to have what it takes to put on a good show.  The musical score was fun and bright, the cinematography was excellent, and his sets were really unique and enjoyable.  I loved how this film’s story seemed to take place sometime in the 50s, but with the advanced technology of being able to control zombies with a fancy collar.  It’s almost as of Mr. Currie negated everything that has happened so far, and put this type of technology back in the “good ole days”.  We don’t get much creativity like this in zombie flicks nowadays, so I’m enjoying it.

I really had no complaints against this film.  Some of the acting was a bit off, but with this film’s quirky atmosphere it is expected and I think should not detriment from this film’s rating.  I personally would have liked more gore, but we did get a fair amount towards the end, so I won’t knock this film for that either.

Overall, this is a positive watch that I recommend to all zombie fans out there.  This isn’t the most awesome zombie shout out piece, but it does make for a fun watch if you are into zombie films.

Rating: 7/10

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